About Me

About me

They say that nothing worth doing is easy. Like every one of us, I have had my bumps in the road. But if you ask me, I will always tell you that I would not change a thing. Why? Because throughout my journey I have proven that my skills get results in the real world. Today, I am a respected Marketing Specialist, Author, Advisor and Startup Mentor. Born into a family of diplomats and ambassadors, I have learned from a young age the significance of having an international mindset and the invaluable asset of education. Consequently, I have completed a multinational education path across Germany, France and England enabling me to speak five languages fluently.

The outbreak of the Corona Virus impeled me to engage in the EUvsVirus Hackathon as a Mentor for Marketing and Business Continuity while at the same time being part of the Arealligator project that aims to educate children and give them a better understanding of the exceptional situation.

As a firm supporter of social impact and technology for good, I have been able to establish myself as an expert member and author on international platforms and I am also founder of the blog Scientya where I aim to build an international community of contributors to share and create knowledge.